ArchiFrame is an add-on for Archicad for the design of wooden structures .

Wooden structures in Archicad all the way down to CNC codes

ArchiFrame contains modeling tools for walls, intermediate floors, roof structures, columns, and beams. In ArchiFrame, every element is individual and can be modified separately. All data is in one Archicad file that contains the 3D model, element drawings, prints, and quantity takeoffs.

Based on the dimensional drawings and cut lists generated by ArchiFrame, wood elements can then be manually produced or automated via a separate CNC interface.



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Why ArchiFrame?

  • No need to remodel a building to get structural drawings, drastically reducing errors.
  • Having everything in the same model makes. collision checking easy.
  • Every element is individual and can be customized if necessary.
  • Core Archicad features, such as Teamwork, are available.
  • Make your life easier by investing in one shared tool that everyone can be trained on.
  • CNC support (as an add-on) for BVN (Hundegger), BTL (used by many machines) and WYP (Weinmann). Additionally, ArchiFrame creates files for Randek saws.
  • ArchiFrame is highly customizable via xml-setting files and scripts.
  • ArchiFrame users regularly rate the software as easy to use.


3D framework and 2D element drawings

With ArchiFrame you can easily create three-dimensional frameworks and 2D element drawings.

Quantity takeoffs, CNC, and prints

ArchiFrame creates dimension drawings for manual manufacturing, cut lists, layouts, and CNC codes (Hundegger bvn, Weinmann wup/btl and Mobi-One btl).

Automatic projections, boarding and paneling

The 3D model and element drawings are continuously synchronized. 

Frame constructions in 3D and projections

The collision detection process for frame construction modeling is easy to handle .

Dimension drawings of foundations and automatic dimensioning

Get dimension drawings for foundations and benefit from automatic dimensioning.

Multilayer elements and the Corner tool

ArchiFrame supports additional building frameworks, such as layered paneling and panel cladding.

Edit individual elements

Every element is fully customizable after it's been  created as part of an automated building framework.


ArchiFrame is compatible with the two latest versions of Archicad and Archicad Start Edition. It works both with Windows and macOS. The price of an ArchiFrame license is equivalent to an Archicad license with SSA.

 You can find more references and information on the ArchiFrame homepage.

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