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SketchUp Pro is a versatile 3D modeling software that brings your imagination to life. It is, for good reason, the most popular 3D software in the world, as its use is extremely easy and intuitive. It can be used for nearly limitless purposes: architecture, landscape design, product design, graphics, 3D printing... What do you want to create?

SketchUp Pro 2022 introduces new tools and features, that let you design much smarter. 


SketchUp Studio

The updated SketchUp Studio is a complete solution for design teams intending to build their workflow around SketchUp – all the way to large projects. 3D model, import point clouds as the basis of your modeling work, render photorealistically, and share your output with others. In addition to SketchUp Pro SketchUp Studio includes V-Ray for SketchUp and Trimle Scan Essentials.

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What's new in SketchUp Pro 2022?

The SketchUp 2022 release includes new and improved modeling tools, additional search functionality, time-saving enhancements in LayOut, and so much more. Look, how it streamlines your work!


Now, you can quickly find and activate native commands and installed extensions. Instead of spending valuable time trying to find a tool or workflow in SketchUp, you can use the new Search feature.

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Lasso Select

The Lasso Select tool allows you to draw custom selection bounds without reorienting the camera. You can also create multiple discrete selections in one click-drag operation and select entities much faster with Stylus Inputs 

Stamp Copy

A new modifier state for the Move tool, Stamp enables you to make multiple copies of an entity, ‘stampingeach with just a click. This tool is handy for naturally dispersing objects across a given area. For example, you can quickly place scale figures or other entourage in a landscape design. It’s also helpful in making multiple copies along one axis at irregular intervals, such as displaying crosswalks in an urban design model. 

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Tag Tool

With the Tag Tool, you can speed up model organization by tagging objects directly in the modeling window, rapidly clean up unwanted tags, and improve reporting fidelity by bulk modifying the tagging of component instances. 

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With the updated Freehand tool and smoother curve entities, you can create organically drawn lines and Follow Me extrusions with more natural variance.  

Because Freehand’s output is smoother, the tool creates more segments. Immediately after drawing a curve, you can decrease the segmentation of the curve incrementally. Freehand also receives axis locking input to specify a drawing plane, and it’s now possible to draw across adjacent faces on different planes.

Freehand curves are particularly satisfying to create with a Stylus.

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Tangent Inference Lock

Using the new Tangent Inference Toggles for 2-Point and 3-Point Arc tools, you can now quickly specify and lock arc tangency from an existing edge or arc. Not only is the tangent arc more predictable, but it also allows you to create curved faces in a shorter amount of time 

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Scene Search

If you generate architectural visualization outputs or construction documentation, you probably create a lot of different scenes to communicate the design details. This results in having to visually scan long Scene lists with coded namesWith Scene Search, a new search filter adjacent to the Scenes tab, you can now quickly identify and jump to your desired scene.

More modeling modifications

There are a couple of notable tool behavior changes to Tape Measure, Classifier, Position Texture, and directional inferencing tooltips in this release. Read more about these changes.  


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LayOut enhancements

With Auto-Text updates and Find & Replace, LayOut helps you work faster and more efficiently than ever before. 

Viewport-based Auto-Text labels

With new and improved Viewport-based Auto-Text labels, you can use more of the information embedded in SketchUp models while composing documents, making your templates more powerful and efficient. You can use all of these labels in scrapbooks or with transparent label leaders. This means that you can drag Auto-Text labels in from a scrapbook, hit Enter to drag the label leader, and then the value associated with that viewport automatically displays. 

Explore how to use them in the Help Center.


Page Management Auto-Text

Manually creating and maintaining a table of contents can be time-consuming and error-prone, but it doesn’t have to be with new enhancements in title block management.  

Sequence Auto-Text

The new Sequence Auto-Text is an Auto-Text tag that automatically increments when duplicated. These tags are used to annotate drawings and figures rapidly, create numbered drawing titles, legends, and many other use cases.


Find & Replace Text

You will love the Find & Replace feature in LayOut! With Find & Replace, changes to text in a selection, a page, or a document is a much quicker process. This not only speeds up the quality assurance process, but you can update drawing titles, page numbers, specific building materials, and fix typos more efficiently.

Zoom Selection

Eliminate zoom lag with the new Zoom Selection context command adopted from SketchUp. You can jump to your desired Zoom level in a given selection in LayOut.


Performance and Quality Improvements

Native M1 Support (Mac)

SketchUp Pro now runs on Mac devices with either the M1 hardware or Intel processors. Thus, Apple users no longer need to worry about chipsets.

Entities Builder API

Generate large amounts of geometry faster using Ruby API with the new Entities Builder API interface. For users who generate large amounts of geometry, you will notice a much speedier process.

Other noticeable quality improvements include Explode Performance, Camera Clipping and Section Planes.



There are various extensions available for SketchUp that make work easier. The new Extension Warehouse service is the best place to find and download them. The Extension Warehouse works conveniently also within SketchUp. Explore the Extension Warehouse.

V-Ray for SketchUp is a popular SketchUp rendering plugin which enables high-quality, real-time rendering within SketchUp. V-Ray is developed by Chaos Group, and it is widely regarded as the industry standard when it comes to top quality rendering. Check out V-Ray 5 for SketchUp


Edu licenses

SketchUp Pro is reasonably available for schools, students and teachers. Read more on the Edu page!

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