V-Ray for SketchUp, V-Ray for Cinema 4D and V-Ray for Rhino are available in our online shop.

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Top quality visualization

The V-Ray visualization software is commonly seen as the standard in the field, in terms of high-quality renderings.

V-Ray is available as a plugin for several modeling software. V-Ray integrates into the user interface of the host software, so you can work in the user interface that is already familiar to you.

A flexible modeling software combined with the versatile, fast, and high-quality V-Ray rendering engine is a perfect combination!

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V-Ray extensions

With the V-Ray rendering plugin, all rendering work is done in the user interface of the modeling software the user is already familiar with – without any data transfer from one software to another.

Your favorite modeling software, combined with the rendering power of V-Ray is the perfect combination of speed and quality. 

V-Ray for SketchUp, V-Ray for Cinema 4D and V-Ray for Rhino are available in our online shop.

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Settings, preview and online rendering

Working with V-Ray is very quick, because V-Ray's user interface is built with the workflow in mind. All rendering settings are grouped together in one window for easy access.

V-Ray includes a fast, constantly updating preview window. Changes to the viewing point, the lighting, or the materials can be previewed in almost real time. In addition to a quick preview, the latest V-Ray 5 version includes the "V-Ray Vision" feature that lets you move around in a realistically rendered 3D model in real time. 

With V-Ray's online rendering, you can calculate your final images using several computers if needed. This speeds up especially the production of animations and high-resolution images. In addition to this, V-Ray allows 3D rendering also in the cloud through Chaos Cloud, so you do not even need your own rendering farm to quickly render high-quality materials.

Realistic lighting and materials

Realistic lighting is easily created using V-Ray's own sky model or with V-Ray Dome Light – based on a HDR image. Of course, V-Ray also supports artificial light sources such as area lights, spots, IES light sources and illuminating materials. 

You can create convincing surface materials with V-Ray's own material editor that offers advanced capabilities for creating realistic surface materials. Basic materials are built quickly, and the simulation of even complex materials is amazingly sharp. 


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