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dRofus is a unique planning, data management and BIM collaboration tool. It eases data management of construction projects and provides all stakeholders with access to building information – throughout the building lifecycle.

Unlike any other planning tool on the market, dRofus was developed directly on behalf of public building owners. Capturing client requirements, validating design solutions (BIM) against client requirements, management of public standards and equipment planning are core features of the software.

dRofus is used by public and private property owners, designers, engineers as well as contractors. The software has established itself in the design, construction and maintenance of hospitals, airports and other large construction projects.


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Wide interoperability

dRofus has advanced Archicad, Revit and IFC integrations. It is a collaboration platform for the entire project team, not just the client.

Available are a dRofus desktop client and dRofus Web.

dRofus collects fragmented data streams into easy-to-handle project information that is easy to be utilize by different stakeholders.

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Data centric approach

With dRofus, you plan and create data content. The tool also makes it possible to manage data produced and needed by different stakeholders.

All changes applied to dRofus are logged. Advanced search capabilities make it easy to find, schedule or report relevant changes.

Export and report

dRofus has over 70 built-in PDF report and Excel export templates. You can also create custom templates to fit project or organization requirements.

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Data standardization

Capture client requirements and manage property information across multiple projects. Room templates and item catalogues help standardize room data and eases kick starting new projects.

Secure and accessible

In dRofus, data is securely stored on a central server. You can manage user access rights if needed. 

Currently, the dRofus desktop client works in the Windows environment. Some features are available in the more compact dRofus Web version.

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