Consulting services

Software, BIM coordination and IT

We offer support so you can forget about unnecessary adjustments and focus on your core competencies. 

Whether you are struggling with information modeling, software usage, office standards, servers, or anything related to your work, we are happy to guide you. 

Contact us – we analyze your needs and offer customized services!

Customized training and consultancy

Every year, we carry out dozens of customized trainings and consultations that are planned together with our customers. Our main task is to listen and to solve your problems – permanently.

Our trainers and consults

  • Ari Känsäkoski
  • Ville Pietilä
  • Anni Remes

Archicad usage

Book a tailor-made training to optimize the use of the Archicad software or template. Our trainers come to your office even for the whole day. 

Our consults

  • Ari Känsäkoski
  • Ville Pietilä

Information model consultancy

Book one of our information model consultants or coordination experts to your office. 

  • Ari Känsäkoski
  • Ville Pietilä

BIMcloud consultancy

Our BIMcloud experts are ready to support your office with BIMcloud related tasks. 

  • Ville Pietilä

BIM Manager Service

Like the 2B pencil and sketch pad, BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a communication tool.  For many professionals in the AEC industry, BIM is part of the work process. Making the most of your BIM work practices can help save time and money. 

  • How to make the most out of your software.
  • How to build capacity and knowledge within your organization.
  • How to organize your systems for collaboration and remote work. 
  • Preparing BIM models for coordination and collaboration.
  • How to organize your templates and processes to streamline your work and save time.
  • Integrations across software packages, eg. dRofus, Archicad, Power BI, BimCollab, Solibri.
  • Advanced tips and tricks to get the most out of Archicad.
  • Troubleshooting for those problems that won't go away.


ArchiFrame and ArchiLogs consultancy

Do you need support in the usage of the Archicad add-ons for wooden buildings? Book one of our ArchiFrame and ArchiLogs consultants. 

Our consultant

  • Petteri Heiskari

GDL consultancy

Do you need smart GDL solutions or objects for your Archicad model? Contact us – let's plan together. 


Consults and trainers

Our experts have years of experience with our various software and follow the development of the industry closely. 
Take a closer look at them.

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