BIMcloud enables secure, real-time collaboration between project team members.

Model hub and teamwork in the cloud

BIMcloud enables secure, real-time collaboration between project team members regardless of the size of the project, the location of the team members, or the speed of the Internet connection. 

BIMcloud operates as either a private or public cloud configuration. Even small offices can work on shared projects efficiently, securely and in real time.

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Powerful and flexible collaboration

Work from anywhere without downtime. Thanks to the instant messaging between Archicad and BIMx, you always stay on track with what is happening in the model. You work as smoothly remotely as you do in the office – regardless of the size and location of your team or the complexity of the project.

Easy, secure and preemptive

BIMcloud is up and running in no time! The set up does not require special IT skills or extraordinary hardware. BIMcloud keeps your data safe with multi-level backups and a preemptive monitoring and warning system. Security is guaranteed even when collaborating over the Internet.


BIMcloud as a service

BIMcloud as a Service offers all features of the full BIMcloud version on a subscription basis, without any need for infrastructure. There is no IT setup required – within less than an hour you are ready to share your teamwork projects in the cloud. 

Which BIMcloud is the best for you?

Compare the differences of the BIMcloud versions and take note of the significant benefits of the full version. 

Also have a look at the system requirements.

Feature Basic Full aaS
Basic teamwork
Collaborate on design projects in Archicad's teamwork environment.
+ + +
Delta technology
Send only changes of the model – not the whole model. 
+ + +
Communicate within the project
Discuss easily with other team members.
+ + +
Basic permission system
Set individual permission settings for each project.
+ + +
Advanced teamwork
Utilize the reservation assistant and intelligent project libraries.
+ +
BIMx PRO integration
BIMx PRO offers integrated messaging for all projects.
+ +
Advanced permission system
Define hierarchical permissions with inherited settings. 
+ +
User directory integration
Connect your office user directory for easier access management. 
Multi-site optimization with BIMcloud Delta Cache
Speed up team's remote work by saving on network bandwidth. 
+ +
Change tracking
Get notified real-time in Archicad about changes of your interest in the team project.
+ +
Advanced team and project management
Organize your project more efficiently with a multi-level folder structure and advanced group or team level permission.
+ +
Multi-disciplinary model hub
Keep everyone in sync by publishing and uploading models, drawings and any other files directly to BIMcloud.
+ +
Link directly from BIMcloud
Hotlink models, access SAF and BCF files and external drawings in Archicad directly from BIMcloud.
+ +
BIMcloud API
Connect your application to BIMcloud for easy access to hosted data: manage, upload and download directly from other tools. 
+ +
No front-up investments
Adapt as your business grows.


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