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Archicad is the most powerful BIM software on the market and the most popular in Finland. Design, visualize, document, and deliver projects of any size efficiently and intuitively. With Archicad, you can focus on your core competence: designing great buildings.

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Archicad is the best quality BIM solution on the market and the most popular one in Finland

Clients and other construction project stakeholders want an accurate information model of a building that contains all the necessary information contained in the project. Execute your information model easily with Archicad. 

Archicad has specifically been developed from the user's perspective to allow architects and designers to focus on their core competence - on creative architectural design. A 3D virtual building is available for everyone who is part of the project, ensuring that common goals are achieved. 



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Is Archicad a completely new software for you? Not for much longer! This video shows you what can practically be achieved with Archicad in only 15 minutes. Soon you will be ready to dive deeper into the world of Archicad. 

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Archicad's efficiency, wide compatibility, open BIMcloud collaboration platform, and versatile extensibility make it an excellent choice for creating a high-quality built environment.

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Continuously developing

Archicad gets regular updates in sync with its users' needs.



Archicad gives you the freedom to choose your license model.



Archicad is compatible and extensible, and supports cross-sectoral cooperation.

Archicad's strengths

Life cycle thinking and information model

With Archicad, you can manage the whole life cycle of a building. It is suitable for everything from project planning to property management.

In Archicad, a building consists of smart parametric building components that are in dynamic relation to each other. Everything works illustratively in a 2D and 3D environment. 

In Archicad, a building is located in one single file that contains all the requisite drawings. All changes are automatically updated to all dynamic drawings. Thanks to Archicad's synchronicity, the number of mistakes decreases radically when compared to other working methods. 

With Archicad, a constructor gets exact quantity information and automatic opening component drawings, right down to the schedules and specificationsThe same virtual model of the building can be utilized for Real Estate Management as well.



Persuasiveness is becoming increasingly important in an architect's work - selling an idea to a client. Archicad is your ally here with its visualization workflow. And now with visualization taking  place virtually, illustrations are improved, interactions become easier, and work gets completed faster. 

At its simplest, perspective drawings are created from different options. There are numerous ready-made presentation styles available, including line drawings, photo-like rendering, and a sketch imprint. 

The Archicad information model really comes to life when it is explored by moving within the 3D model – including on a mobile device or in a browser.

Powerfull add-ons

There are several useful add-ons available for Archicad. Some are for free and some are available for a fee. 

  • BIMx makes it possible to investigate, present, and share 3D models. (Free)
  • ArchiLogs is the perfect tool for designers, marketers, and manufacturers of log houses.
  • ArchiFrame extends Archicad into a complete designing tool for timber structures. 

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