ArchiLogs is a powerful Archicad Add-One for log house designers, marketers, and manufacturers.

Log house design all the way to the production

ArchiLogs is a powerful tool for log house designers, marketers, and manufacturers. One software covers the whole design process from modeling to production and marketing.

In ArchiLogs, the model is always visible in both 2D and 3D, and the logs can even be individually examined.

Used together with the timber Archicad add-on ArchiFrame means that column and beam structures, CLT structures, and substructures can be integrated into any log building. Machining codes and log drawings are easy to print out.

ArchiLogs and ArchiFrame accurately and efficiently respond to the needs of modern log building.

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One environment: Archicad

ArchiLogs is an add-on for Finland’s most popular architectural design software, Archicad. ArchiLogs provides continuity from the architectural model right through to the final stage of production. At the same time, ArchiLogs offers outstanding visualization features – useful for marketing purposes.

Integrated CNC workflow

When a log house is designed using ArchiLogs, its machinings are specified alongside its design. The CNC work codes of a house can be easily printed to be used with any compatible CNC machine. The inputting of machine information and the storage of machining data is integrated in the ArchiLogs solution through the objects in its object library.

Even the most demanding special machining can be accomplished – from special log buildings to patented designs. ArchiLogs is always individually tailored to customers.


Automatic log drawings

When walls are designed using Archicad, ArchiLogs creates the log objects according to the modeled walls. Log constructions, dimensioning and markings are automatically built up in the log. 

The add-on generates log drawings of all walls based on wall projections. They can all be individually examined in 3D.

ArchiLogs for architects

ArchiLogs Designer is an ArchiLogs version that is specifically adapted to the needs of architects. It offers a tool ideal for the exact design of log buildings and it comes with a comprehensive log library.

The height of walls can be defined according to log rounds, and the ends of single logs can also be modified. Additionally, the modeling of traditional log railings is made very easy.

ArchiLogs Designer does not create log diagrams nor CNC machining codes.

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