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Demo in English: ArchiLogs

14.10.2022, 10.00-11.00


ArchiLogs combines log house design and production into one software. It is everything you need to create drawings, quantity take-offs, sales images, and machining files from a house model. One entity solves the entire process from the design of the log house to the creation of the machining code. Because all functions are in the same entirety, the process becomes faster.


The demo introduces the log structure design extension of Archicad.

Traget audience

ArchiLogs is a tool for log house designers, marketers, and manufacturers. Anyone interested is welcome to attend the demo.

More information

The online demo is free of charge.
We will send the webinar link separately at the latest one day before the demo. We recommend to join the demo already before the mentioned time to have a smooth start.

Please read our terms and conditions before you register for the demo.



Mikko Kyläkoski


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