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Archicad basics in English

15.11. – 23.11.2022 (4 päivää), 9.00-16.30



Learn Archicad Basics – now in English!

The Archicad Basics online training prepares you to use Archicad efficiently during the whole design process.

For whom is it?

The course is for beginners and for those who need to update their skills. Basic English and computer skills required.

What will you learn?

You'll learn the whole Archicad BIM workflow from start to finish: modeling, library management, visualization, documentation, publishing, data transfer, and quantity calculation. You'll learn how to work effectively, professionally and smart.

Detailed agenda

- Work environment, Navigator, and Story settings
- Basic Modeling tools: Wall, Slab, and Roof
- Mesh tool
- Line and Fill tools
- Favorites
- Attributes: Composites, Fills, and Building materials
- Windows and Doors
- Beams and Columns
- Partition wall
- Stair tool
- Library management
- Zone tool
- Interior elevation tool
- Section and Elevation tools
- Dimension tool
- Reference lines
- 3D window options
- Rendering settings
- TeamWork environment
- Profile manager
- Curtain wall tool
- Detail tool
- Project transfer
- Model view options
- Camera, animation, and BIMx publishing

Things to keep in mind

We will send the participation link at the latest one day before the training starts. We recommend to connect already some minutes before the beginning of the training to secure everything is working well and you have a smooth start to the training.

To get the most out of the training, we recommend to use two screens, one to follow the teacher and one to try yourselves.

The trainer uses the newest INT version available. If you use older versions, the workflow and the training material may not be fully compatible.

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1400 € + alv


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