Real-time real estate management

Optimize the maintenance of your property 

With Twinview, you manage the information of a building and optimize the use of a property.

Lifecycle maintenance history 

Keep an accurate record of all project decisions and changes throughout use. At the same time, you ensure that your property complies with the law and regulation. 

Real-time monitoring 

Monitor the performance of your property in real time, both as a whole and by component. This is how you secure your property.

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Twinview in two minutes

Watching the video, you quickly get an overall understanding of the power of  Twinview – have a look!

Case Hickmann 

Have a look, how the digital twin of a building is generated with the help of Twinview. Your journey towards carbon neutrality can begin.

How does Twinview change the real estate industry?


Why so many properties still lack a BIM model?

Because owners do not recognize the added value of information models.


And what if an information model though already exists?

It may be outdated because no reason is seen for maintenance.


So, why is the value of information underestimated? 

Because it has been difficult to exploit so far. 


Twinview creates added value in an extremely easy way.

Finally, everyone knows how to maintain, optimize and anticipate their real estate assets.


Get access and benefit from digital city models. 

Real-time data is available on e.g. energy and space use as well as human and task flows.


It is time to increase the value of your property with information! 

 Even with thin initial data, you can get started well. A light information model is quickly created e.g. from drawings.

Three Twinview modules


Twinview Access

Monitor your digital building and the data it generates on one cloud platform. The 3D model and 2D drawings illustrate real-time real estate information in a format that everyone can understand.

Twinview Manage

Manage and maintain your building whilst ensuring legislative compliance with the confidence your property information is up to date. Integrated tools make it possible to automate property management processes - no need for manual processes of defining, collating, and validating asset data.

Store operational and maintenance documents in one place and link them to digital assets within your 3D model. The mobile application provides access to all of your property information and control of your building systems.


Twinview Analytics

Track the performance of your property in real time at different levels of accuracy; you can analyze the entire building or, e.g. a specific room or device. 

Twinview integrates with existing management systems and connects with new devices within minutes. 

Flexible reporting provides regular notifications and analysis of building performance - for all parties.

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