Our future path

Responsibility has always conducted our company. To push ourselves even further, Nordic BIM Group will carry out an extended set of environmental, social, and governal (ESG) commitments.

We aim to elevate our business, create value for our shareholders and investors, support our employees and customers, and show respect to our local communities. ESG feels natural to us as a strong digitizer of the AEC industry. It fights for good business ethics and a more sustainable future.

The world is not perfect and neither are we, so the journey continues. Read on to uncover our ESG roadmap.



We aim to reduce our environmental load and industry-wide CO2 emissions.


We want to do our part to tackle climate change and environmental sustainability. The environment is essential not only to us but also to our customers and other stakeholders.


We strive to protect the climate and the environment through our solutions which help the whole construction industry  use resources more efficiently.

We'll tune our daily operations to reduce our negative environmental impact.


We highlight and teach these features to our customers via communication and training. We introduce the Green BIM Certification to promote best ways to meet ecological goals with our solutions. By the end of 2022, we aim to grant over 50 certifications.

Our offices run with 100 % renewable energy. We reduce our travel emissions by 25 % (compared to 2019). We generate less waste – and if possible, reuse and recycle. We highly prefer digital documents over prints.



We support our occupational well-being.


We see that happiness and health are the foundation for a committed and proficient work community, which leads to collective success.


We support well-being by building an enjoyable, adaptive working environment.


Everyone gets comprehensive occupational health services and benefits. We encourage everyone to grab opportunities for professional development. To keep on measuring and boosting job happiness, we'll run an employee survey in 2021 – with ambition to score 4/5 (very good).



We show respect to our operational environment. 


We recognize the benefits of a healthy surrounding community.


Our biggest impact comes from employment and paying taxes. We also want to give back to the community directly by growing investments in 2022.


We give development opportunities for future professionals. The annual Archicad Summer Camp teaches modern workflows to students for free, and we offer internships when possible.

During our local community days in each country, we'll do voluntary work, share our expertise to help non-profit organizations, clean public spaces etc. We'll also donate to local charitable organizations.



We are active guarding the data and the business. 


We want to take governal and financial responsibility for our business.


We take care of data protection and IT security.


We gear up to have zero data breaches. We'll sharpen our data monitoring and mitigation plan.

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